Monday, December 13, 2010

oprah's hannah's favorite things

i love reading occasional posts from my bloggie buddies about new products and things they can't live without...

its about time for one of those myself! so, here goes!

caffeine free drinks!
i gave up caffeine OVER a month ago...and have fallen in love with caffeine free coke and will be scooping up some caf-free mountain dew on my next venture to the grocery store*

as for "life: caffeine free"...
its FANTASTIC. i'm sleeping better, i have fewer headaches, i don't feel that "crash" and i just FEEEEEEEL better... no tea (i DO miss the tea! i make decaf when i'm home, but hard to get that in restaurants), no coffee drinks... honestly, it hasn't been as bad as i thought it would be.

apple cider vinegar...
...the hair product!
i got one of those tiny spray bottles at target a while back and spray it in my hair while i suds up in the shower... then, rinse it out and shampoo like normal...
it gets rid of all the build up from your hair products and makes my hair feel so soft and light
and who doesn't love hair products that WORK and don't cost a fortune?

campbell's soup
so, everyone loves campbell's soup... this isn't necessarily something "new" around here... however, this is more of a post about NOT buying progresso soup...
i've bought my last can of progresso.
the veggies and the meats taste fake and chewy in these horrendous attempts of "soup"
maybe i've been spoiled recently by homemade soups,
but progresso is a sorry excuse for soup.
i bought a couple of cans on one of my grocery trips as the weather was turning colder (you know, the start of "soup season") and progresso had come out with some new varieties. last check, i dumped ALL of them down the drain before serving them.
you're welcome, lee. you missed nothing but disappointment in a bowl.
campbell's has somehow captured the essence of soup
...a warm, cozy meal that makes you feel like sitting by a fire in your sweatpants...
and a pool for your grilled cheese to take a dip in.
nothing more. nothing less.

which brings me to my next favorite wintry thing:
a blanket with an elastic waistband.
guaranteed to reduce your heating bill by 12.25%
becuase when you're walking around with a blanket on, it doesn't need to be as warm inside.
if you're ever out in our neck of the woods,
i highly encourage you to check out mortex factory outlet.
they sell tshirts, sweats, collegiate apparel, etc. for PENNIES on the dollar what you'd pay ANYWHERE else... and even other finds from time to time (peacoats for $9!!)
and they even sell "factory overruns" for even cheaper... i'm currently sporting a pair of sweatpants for aquinas college that i paid $2.99 for.
that will warm you on the inside, too.
go saints! haha

next up, eden's
ministar boots
these are the only shoes she'll keep on...
they're more like "leather socks"
but hey, who's keepin' track?

welp, i think that about sums it up for now!
anything new you've tried lately or something you're really enjoying these days?

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Edwin and Jessica said...

Girl, I'm with you on the caffeine! I gave it up when I was pregnant and continued not to drink it for the 4 months I nursed Peyton, it was a little rough in the beginning but then I realized how much better it was for me. I drink some caffeine now (I really missed my McDonald's sweet tea), but we still buy caffeine free sodas.