Saturday, December 11, 2010

this'll do

i've still not gotten eden's santa picture scanned, BUT...

i keep forgetting to show you guys my candy cottage! this was the HIT of the junior league shopping spree this year... and i ventured to do my first one... no help, no real "blue print"

so, the candy cottage is a plastic "house" and "yard" that LOOK like gingerbread, and all you have to do is use a container of frosting and stick any sort of candy on there! they advertise them for ALL occasions... i saw some really cute halloween houses, and even some spring-y ones...

then when you're done, warm water washes everything away! and you're gingerbread house is ready to be decorated for the next occasion!

i wouldn't say this was my BEST work, but i had a lot of fun doing it and just "learning" how to use, spread, portion the icing... i'm looking forward to doing one for most of the holidays around here!

i used starlight mints, twizzlers, and the christmas m&ms... and kit kat "bricks" for the side of the house!
next time, i may try piping the icing instead of a massive spread... lots of fun & a GREAT gift idea!!!

you want one?? well, click here and get your credit card out!!


Ashlynn said...

that is soo cute!

dom said...

I found your blog through the Robinson's blog. Lee is always so helpful at Omega in our family's Under Armour obsession! You have a beautiful family :)