Sunday, December 26, 2010

...but wait! it gets BETTER!

the cherry on top of the best christmas ever was
going to be a fun "day after christmas" shopping spree for me and eden...
my little sidekick.
because i'm normally working on the day after christmas--
but we're not open on sundays!!

however, there's only one acceptable alternative when my plans didn't work out...

nearly a foot of snow!!!
(its actually more than a foot in some of the "drift" type areas)

enough snow that lee didn't have to work today! woo hoo!
even nershi got in on the action... he had to jump around...
the snow was almost as deep as he is tall
lovely white natural light sure does make for some great pictures!

i love this girl!!
sporting my new coat from nana... perfect timing!

so, yes, i'm bummed that i didn't get to scoop up some
cute ornaments for eden's christmas tree that
i bought on clearance friday and get a new tree skirt....

but to trade that in for a foot of snow

....i think i'll get over it ;)

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