Thursday, December 30, 2010

my kind of shopping!!

i'm not much of a shopper, i'll admit... but i had the chance to go today to scoop up some after christmas deals WITH gift cards!! i was so excited about my finds i wanted to share with y'all...

i had a gift card to belks and got some stuff for eden (had some stuff to exchange, too)... my total? $7.00

then i headed over to williams-sonoma... i'd been wanting one of those stock pots with the collander inside... so, i got one of those (100 smackers) and a meat thermometer ($20)... what did i pay? $9

then i headed to target for some left over christmas decorations & a few other things... i also wanted to check out the after christmas sales on some of the toys i had my eye on for eden (birthday?)... i didn't see what i wanted on sale for eden so, i ended up getting some wipes (like a cardboard box full--700ish?), two things of tylenol (HELLLOOO, teething!), a shower gift for a friend, a bathmat sponge for e, and some girly christmas ornaments for her tree that i'd already bought on clearance... all said and done, $6

...i have to tell y'all...i got the cutest christmas tree for eden's room/playroom next year... its 4 1/2 feet tall, pre-lit, regularly $40-- clearance on christmas eve (they were pricing it for "after christmas, but i had great timing!)... $12! but the ornaments weren't on sale, so i was eyeing them to come back when we got our foot of snow... but i found them today--"picked over"

these were 25 cents... per tube... yes, all those ornaments for ONE DOLLAR!! WOO HOO!! i'm so excited! i can't wait to see her tree next year with her cute ornaments!!

i'm still holding out on the tree skirt...its hot pink with sequins... it was $15, but i promised myself i wouldn't spend more than $10... so, i'll wait!

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Poirier Family said...

What great deals!!! Next Christmas it's going to be cool when you open the boxes. All new and fun stuff to put up. I love it when I do it, because half the time I forgot I picked the stuff up and it's like my own mini Christmas. lol Have a Happy New Year!!