Saturday, December 25, 2010

eden's first christmas

what a spectacular day (and week!!). there's really no way i can adequately tell you how much fun lee and i have had this week celebrating eden's first christmas.

we have been blessed having been able to spend so much time with nearly the ENTIRE family this week...

lee and have had so much fun helping eden open all of her presents and have been surprised by some of the goodies WE got this year!!

granny pat surprised me with "maid service for a day" (there's a lady who cleans lots of the family's houses in the area and does a spectacular job--windows, baseboards, THE WORKS!!)...i thought i was holding the winning powerball ticket. except this is better. we also got some gift cards to go out and eat and some to shop, baked goodies, mooolah, a new bike helmet for lee, christmas tree candles, cookbooks, a new jacket for each of us, movies, hurricanes jerseys (ahem, "sweaters" is the appropriate term), a blu-ray player, our own version of cornhole, and OUR CRUISEEEEEEE!

...see, i told you... spoiled :)

and for eden... i'm not even gonna START with all the stuff she got... we've put some of it away to enjoy on a "rainy day"...she can't possibly play with all of her GREAT toys... clothes, books, money, shoes, plates... honestly, you'd be tired of reading if i listed all this stuff out...

enough with the chatter, y'all wanna see some pictures don't you?

granny has been ever so nicely reminding me to get a 4 generation picture... so, what better time than christmas?! i even brought my big fancy camera along for the occasion! ...and i must say, it turned out pretty great! having it printed this week...
....the rest of the time at grannys? i did a terrible job of remembering to take pictures. ugh. i swear i'm trying to get better.

then we got together with lee's family... and its official... eden is the same (if not bigger) size than earl now!! look at these two!!
here's all four of 'em...
family shot! (cropping necessary if you'd like to print this from shutterfly.)
eden wanted nana to read her the new book she got.
then she and earl swapped books... and hugs... they're so cute!!!!

...and ALLLLL the pictures are HERE! remember, the password is our last name :) (i know its been a while since i posted pictures there!) ...oh, and that link is a great way to scoop up some of e's christmas pictures :)

(i'm still wanting to do posts on the christmases we did with the rest of my side of the family... i've not forgotten!)

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