Thursday, October 21, 2010

hello, state fair! [wednesday part 2]

after my exhausting morning & first part of the afternoon, i came home to chill for a bit... get some lunch (but not much!) and go back to raleigh for the FAIR!!!!

just a little "background info".'s never missed a state fair
...i've never missed a state fair
...and don't plan on eden missin' one either!

so we loaded up the car and headed to raleigh!
it had rained a little earlier in the day, but was overcast & just a touch cool...
PERFECT FAIR WEATHER! have to click to enlarge this next picture--love eden's face (responding to lee!) haha
we saw the blue ribbon pumpkin... 865 lbs (??)
we checked out the little piggies (SO CUTE!) and the chicks
we walked around...
..,got our pictures made at the waterfall*
*eden LOVED the waterfall... white noise, cool mist, lots of people gathered around

we hit the high spots... got a few things to eat and headed home.
...mostly by my own account... it had been a week-long-day. shew.

so great to share another family tradition with eden!!
...and i was just excited that "fair scrooge" lee was excited to go!! ;-D


Megan said...

aww thanks for the pics! makes me feel like i got to go. funny that lee is a fair is someone else i know. i guess seeing it through a kid's eyes makes it more fun.

Graceandjoelroberts said...

Ho fun! I married a fair scrooge too :-)! I think we'll have to try it next year going on the canned food day!