Thursday, October 21, 2010

a new dynamic

any ideas why nershi would be in the corner with his bone?


SHE can't get to him there...

nershi has exceeded my highest expectations for how he acts around eden... on all counts.
but, now that eden is VERY mobile,
this poses a new dynamic for their ever-blossoming relationship.

she LOVES him... and his bone.
she loves to crawl after him... as he lays in peace. or as he chews his prized bone.
she reaches out and pets him very lovingly & surprisingly gently.
sometimes he's startled.
sometimes he rolls on his back.
sometimes he's annoyed.
sometimes he hears/sees her coming and looks at me like "really, mom?!"

he's VERY patient with her...
and when he's done moving from spot to spot and playing along

...he knows where to go.
...either here or our bed.

well, for now. :)


Li'l Miss Muffet said...

This has become my favorite blog. Thanks, Hannah! Nershi and Eden's daily escapades always give me a giggle and sometimes - like in the case where Nershi was licking Eden's breakfast off her feet - a big LOL laugh. Keep that entertainment coming; I need the distraction. Oh. and the piece about the Chinese woman who bought your Volvo? priceless 8)

Li'l Miss Muffet said...

By the way, Li'l Miss Muffet is my Google acct. name. In real life I am Adam Saxon's mom, Janet.

Megan said...