Wednesday, October 20, 2010

goodbye, volvo...[today part 1]

well, for starters...

i sold my car today. a woman who JUST moved here from china and doesn't even have her "card" learners permit yet... just the "slip of paper"

[i'll leave most of the details out]

as she test drove it from the bus stop at moore's square along capital blvd to a local dealership driving 20mph around 9am (traffic?!) and she wanted to "test the brakes"...i began to fear for my life...

...then she ran a stop light.

...almost ran the next one and stopped in the middle of the intersection.

...then she ran a stop sign.

but by the grace of God, we made it to the dealership.

she liked the car...bought the car...but, her bank took to issue the check because she'd JUST opened her account a few weeks ago and then withdrew her "large amount of money" at a different branch than where she opened her account...

then she wanted ME to drive HER in HER new car to the dmv?! where they preceded to tell her she can't get a license plate until she gets her "card" permit...and she wanted to drive back to chapel hill with MY tags? (the dmv employee's suggestion?!?) um... i don't think so.

[me starting to feel like i'm in a vicious cycle and will never get out of here to go to the fair]

so, we went BAAAAAAAAAAACK to the dealership (3rd time) so i could leave her there to possibly apply for her tag through the dealership and get a temporary... honestly, i don't know WHAT she did at this point because i was squealin' tires outta there to go pick dad up from his meeting... the deal was done.

she was VERY cute & sweet... and brought a friend along with her who was here from spain* (so someone would be in the car when she had to drive without me...) gosh, what a brave person it must take to move to another country (without her husband, but WITH her 7 year old daughter) that operates extremely differently and buy a car... geez, when we went to europe, sometimes i had a hard time finding a bathroom?!? anyhoo... that's neither here nor there.

*she and her friend are "visiting scholars" at unc... her specialty/area of study? the political opinions of bioscience. wow.

all's well that ends well, right?, i'll officially allow myself on a car lot and possibly even test drive one or two... i've got some ideas in mind, but we'll see where i end up.

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