Wednesday, September 29, 2010

who knew?

so, my sweet baby girl has had a cold for the better part of a week... a VERY mild fever (99ish) mixed with a semi-stuffy nose and one pretty fussy day... i'm not terribly surprised... lee and i both have had it.

well, since sunday she's had little spells of coughing--revealing some serious congestion in her lungs... i figured it was her cold migrating around and wasn't anything to be terribly alarmed about as long as it was "loose" definitely didn't sound like a "bark"

we borrowed a humidifier from jonah (and have since gotten our own!) which seemed to help the coughing spells on monday night, but throughout the day tuesday, she seemed to be having more and more spells of congested coughing.

no fever. no change in eating habits. no fussy baby. just coughing?

after a call to the doc yesterday, they wanted to see her today, so they could "hear" her lungs and make sure everything was because of the cold and not something else...

as soon as we walked in, she was her usual self--SMILING at everyone... the sweet receptionist said "she's not sick, is she?" ...hmph. you wouldn't know it by lookin' at her!

bottom line--she's got a bronchial infection with a mild left ear infection*... the doctor prescribed some meds for the bronch. stuff, and gave us a prescription for the ear infection IF it gets worse (since she doesn't have a fever or anything)

*there's a chance her right ear was infected, too--but she had some gunk in there that dr. k said would hurt to get out--thus, giving her a fear of future ear exams... but, since she's not running a fever, he's going to "let a sleeping dog lie" :)

she doesn't look sick, does she?

so, we're continuing with our vigorous humidifier routine--its like a sauna in her room! (ok, maybe an exaggeration...but not a big one.), saline drops in her nose and bronchial meds... and keeping our fingers crossed we don't need to fill the script for her ears/sinus.

she's STILL happy & smiling & playing & scooting around & singing & just being her usual happy self... all while "being sick" WHO KNEW?

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