Friday, September 24, 2010

mama said...

...they'll be days like this, they'll be days like this my mama said... mama said, mama said.

wow. this has been a day.
someone kidnapped my laid back, easy going, smiley daughter
and replaced her with a restless, drooling monster.

a cold?
who knows...

all i know is that I WANT MY BABY BACK!!!

today has been a WONDERFUL reminder
of how blessed we are to have such an easy going baby...
ok, lesson learned... can i have her back now?!?

in all seriousness, i put eden to bed last night right on time...
but i had a weird feeling about it...
maybe i was anxious because i knew i was by myself (with a cold)
well, sure enough... before midnight,
i'd been up with her...

oh, heavens... then she woke up and was ready to play just after 5am...
i felt surprisingly well rested... for a few minutes.
i didn't fret over it too much because NORMALLY when she does this
(which is rarely, but what i mean to say is... ugh... you know what i mean)
she takes an extra long EARLY nap...
as in, back to sleep by 7:30 or 8am and sleep for 3+ hours

she went down for her nap around 8:30
(i nearly skipped to the crib to lay her down i was so excited)
....and she slept for
such a tease.

i gave up the chance of a go back to bed/nap...
the poor girl just wanted to be held...
...while i'm standing up
not hungry
no juice
no playing
no nershi
even the (porch) swing didn't seem to calm her down

once she SURRENDERED to the nap gods... she was out for 3 hours...
...i took the opportunity to clean the house, shower, reload the washer/dryer/dishwasher
so at least SOMETHING would go right today & i wouldn't totally lose it.

i don't know what it is today... she's just restless.

somehow i would salvage the day...

oh, i know! i'll sell something on craigslist...
lee's old guitar tube amp has been collecting dust & grass clippings in the garage for YEARS.
to my knowledge, i don't think he'd ever turned it on.
i knew he paid about $200 and everytime it came up in conversation he'd say
"this is an investment" or "this thing goes up in value"
anyhoo... i used my rice-sized knowledge of the thing to google it and see what they were selling for... (even though i didn't know what year it was or if the dumb thing even WORKED)

new... they were selling for about 1200 smackers...
i took a stab in the dark & thought "eh, i'll negotiate if i need to"
so, on the internet it went for $600...
i immediately got SEVERAL emails about it...
it would be a race to see who could come first

first guy came*, plugged it in...

*i met them at the store... no house meetings for us!

uh oh... this thing doesn't even work!! i'm not gonna get 2 dollars for this thing... ugh.
he reached around back pulled out the fuse & said "oh, its the fuse, do you mind if i run to a hardware store & get a new fuse to make sure it works?"
no sir, go riiiiiiiight ahead.

[tick tock tick tock]

guy #2 shows up... i inform him he's gonna have to wait for guy #1 to decide if he wants it when he gets back from the hardware store.

[meanwhile, i'm sorta nervous, because if this fuse doesn't fix it,
NEITHER of them are going to want it.]

guy #1 walks in, pops the new fuse in, plugs it up...
and voila! a red light came on!
he plugged his guitar in and played some tunes
(wow, he was really good!...and the customers
at the store enjoyed the "live show" while they were shopping. haha)
he immediately pipes up and says
guy #2 drops his head in disappointment and told me how far he'd driven
(even though guy #1 drove farther and i told him before he came he was guy #2)

woo hoo. craigslist saved the day!
600 big ones in the bank.
oh, and not to mention, my "happy baby" returned the moment we walked in the store.
she's such a ham.
if i'd known THAT would fix the problem, i would've been at the store before the sun came up!

so, we got back home and she went right to sleep for her 2nd nap...
ahhhhhhhhhh. bliss.

all's well that ends well.
nana is on her way to spend the night with the girls. and nershi.

now, we'll keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow... i've got someone coming to look at my car!

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Paige said...

Are you selling your car?