Saturday, October 2, 2010

on the go eden: 7 months

wooooweee, we've been so busy lately
... busy with FUN STUFF!!

our sweet little girl has turned 7 months old
and is showing us more glimpses and facets of her sweet personality every day

she loves to GO... anywhere!

we went to the harvest festival yesterday and she just smiled at
that we walked by!
then we ate dinner at the mexican restaurant with kim, mike & owen

wow... check out the size of those beers...
...not to mention the babies were mad because their daddies wouldn't share. ugh.

any hoo... like i said before, eden loves to be on the go...
errands, shopping, groceries, walking around the neighborhood
...WHEREVER... just so we're GOING!

so after work today, she and i went to babies-r-us (with our coupon!)
and got the umbrella stroller we'd been eyeing...

do you think she likes it?
its so much more "open" than the bob...
yeah, "open" as in "she's already figured out she can reach out and grab stuff*"

*stuff=nershi (for now, until we actually TAKE it somewhere!)
you wouldn't know this was a "sick" baby, would you?

here's a few things about our sweet eden at 7 months:
she's 17 lbs.
has honey blonde hair filling in that sweet little head.
with each new day, she is more laid back and more fun...
we are enjoying her SO SO SO much.

she is more curious of the world around her
she's quick to recognize familiar folks...
she loves to play with nershi and follow him around
(following with HER EYES.... for now.)
she loves to play with our phones, the remote, and my shoes
(notice that none of those are HER toys)
some of her favorite foods are:
oatmeal, bananas, squash, sweet potatoes,
and the newest to the list: PRUNES.
the foods she's not crazy about:
green beans
(who can blame her? her mama's not crazy about those either.)

she's still SOOOOOOO close to crawling...
today, she actually did go forward about 2 steps (with some major mom coaxing)
but, then reverted to her reverse. hmph.

i will make an effort to get some "good" 7 month pictures soon...
but these are the ones i took tonite & yesterday.

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