Friday, September 10, 2010

blogger templates

are you trying to figure out how to get a cute background on your blog?

first you'll want to get to the "template designer" and make sure that you're on the "simple" plan... that fancy template stuff will mess up your cute background you're about to add! :)

then, go to a website like the cutest blog on the block or hot bliggity blog or shabby blogs (these sites offer FREE backgrounds!)

find a pattern that you like...

then, from your dashboard, click "design" then scroll down and somewhere near the bottom (just so its out of the way) click on one of the spots that say "add a gadget"

when the window pops up for the "gadgets" to choose from, you'll want to select "html/javascript"

i recommend giving it a title of "background" (so you won't forget what it is later), then, click back on the background that you selected, and copy & paste this into the content box...

click save... then VOILA!

while we're on the subject of "gadgets", this is how you get precious pictures of your human babies, your four legged babies and whatever else you want a picture of on the sides of your blog...

simply select "add a gadget" from the sidebar, then select from the pop-up window "picture"...once you upload your picture, be sure to select "shrink to fit" so it doesn't chop off parts of your picture! it helps to add a title so you know what picture is what from your layout window (see below why that's important)

once you've saved it, and you're back to your layout page, you can click and drag (snicker snicker) and put them in any order you'd like... for example, i'm linining up eden's monthly pictures down the side! and i've got a few pictures of nershi up there, too!!

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Megan said...

man my eyes are crossed now from reading so much! i'll have to come back to all that once my brain can process a little better! maybe it's just me, but that white font on black background always makes me dizzy and things start running together. :)