Thursday, September 9, 2010

alright, y'all...

many of you have asked "how do you get your blog to look like that?!"



go to (you may need to register... but its FREEEEEE!), upload your favorite picture, use the "edit" and "create" tabs at the top... just play around with it and have fun!!

then, when the picture looks like you want it to, then click (while you're in the "create" tab) "text"

...this is where you can add text and make it look cute and colorful!

once you're done, i typically save it to my desktop as something like "september blog header" or something like that....

now... how do you get it ON your blog?! good question...

from your dashboard, click on "design"
then, at the top you should see a box that shows the name of your blog... click "edit" in the lower right hand corner...

a window will pop-up
beside the word "image", click "choose file" just below the words "from your computer"
then, find where you just saved that oh-so-cute picture from, and select it...
while the image is uploading, check that little box at the bottom that says "shrink to fit"

after that, below the word "placement" click "instead of title and description"

oh, almost done!

click "save" in your little pop-up window... then click "save" on your blogger edit layout page...

TA-DA! you did it!!

now, i know there's some more stuff you guys were wanting to know how to do, BUT, how am i going to know what to show you if you don't leave a comment and tell me what you'd like to learn?!

i'll do another one soon and even made a nifty tag called "blog tutorial" for you to click on :)

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Paige said...

I need a tutorial on how to use the Blogger Template thingy. I hate that thing!!

Thanks Hannah!! Can't wait to get my cute picture up!!!