Tuesday, September 7, 2010

tag, i'm it!

by blogging buddy, becky tagged me in this fun little questionnaire ...so, since eden's in bed, i'll gladly participate!

in fact, i liked the questions SHE had to answer and the one's she wanted me to answer... so, buckle up!

1. what's your favorite form of exercise?
i enjoy walking WITH someone... and any form of exercise that's not called "exercise"...sorta like pureeing veggies in your spaghetti sauce. deceptive.

2. are you an early bird or night owl?
umm. neither :) it really depends... i can be either if i can secure a spot for a nap. on another note, i don't care what "they" say, you CAN make up for lost sleep. yes.

3. what's the greatest lesson you learned from your parents?
mabye this isn't a "lesson", per se... but i've always been encouraged to think ahead & think outside the box.

4. did you choose the right major in college? if no, what would you change?
yes, i started (as in "before i had my first class at nc state) as a political science major... and rumor had it there was lots of history and reading involved. whew! glad i switched before i started!! :-D

i VERY much enjoyed my classes, classmates, & professors--and the practical knowledge that i can apply to nearly any aspect of my life. personal finance. microeconomics. opportunity costs and diminishing marginal productivity--even marketing! ... really, i apply a lot of this to simple tasks and aspects of my life that you wouldn't likely suspect-- running a household is a lot like a business.

i would love to go into more detail on exactly WHAT goes through my head and how these things relate--but i'm not sure i can adequately explain it and if you even read the entire thing, you'd think i was crazy :) maybe i am.

5. what kind of driver are you? slow & cautious? calm & assertive? aggressive? road rager?
well, the first thing that comes to mind is like a "bat out of hell", but i'm changing my ways since eden came along. definitely assertive & sure of myself and the boundaries of my car. easily frustrated by those around me who are unfamiliar with the laws & posted signs...

FOR EXAMPLE: when pulling into a shopping center and you see the sign that says "incoming traffic doesn't stop", you don't STOP. the target shopping center in kdale is the perfect example... cars run the stop sign because they think the incoming traffic stops (when clearly they didn't have to stop when THEY were the "incoming car" 20 minutes ago.), and the incoming cars STOP. makes my horn toot everytime.

or like driving in the "fast" (far left) lane when everyone to your RIGHT is PASSING YOU. morons.

ahem. [me sluffing my hair & stepping down from my soapbox.]

i am an informed citizen who carefully observes signs & patterns. and according to my dad "just because you're right, you don't want to be dead right"

6. can you feel changes in the weather? stiff joints, crazy hair, changes in your skin?
low humidity does wonders for my hair (who doesn't!?), i get headaches when there are great differences in air pressure, the occasional nosebleed in the winter (dry heat from inside heat), and i feel disgusting in the summer. yesh, that last one is the most important.

7. what's your best & worst memory from high school?
lots of GREAT memories from high school. hard to narrow down just one. and my worst memory? hmm...

8. if you're sad, what's the one thing that can make you happier?
snow. but then again, if its snowing, it must not be summer... and if its not summer, then i'm happy. snow. definitely snow.

9. what's your least favorite food?
cooked fruit. although, in my ripe old age, i'm bending this rule a bit. there are a VERY few exceptions. oh, and tofu. and anything with curry.

10. as a past wedding guest, what's the one thing that annoyed you? how did you change it at your wedding?
being to stiff (and as a result not savoring the moment)... we tried to make it fun & relaxed & enjoyable while maintaining the focus & the biblical importance of the day.

11. what movie can you quote along with the best?
talledega nights, anchorman, annnnd i love you man (<--because of the man i love.)

12. what's your favorite thing about blogging?
hmm... i think of it more as a digital scrapbook. staying in touch with family we don't see everyday and having a way to vent or share things that are funny or fun & exciting and swapping ideas and recipes... i think its fascinating that people like to read it!! :-D thanks--i'm flattered :)

13. if you could live in another decade what would it be and why?
the 90s... i'm a girl who loves her modern conveniences. i think if i went back to the 90s i'd still have all of my "essentials."--car, cell phone, tv... oh, and flare jeans would be "back" instead of boot cut. hmph.... and the economy would be good.

14. where has the best meal of your life been and what was it?
this is tough... i'm a foodie. let's just say i was the only kid in class (10th grade) when asked to write a paper on "if you were on death row, what would your last meal be and why" and i wrote a paper that included ONE BITE of allllll of my favorite things--so many favorite things, in fact, that i would be SICK from eating it... and then used the rest of my paper to explain how it wouldn't really matter if i felt sick because it was my last meal on death row.

....i got an a+, in case you're wondering.

but seriously, i have different categories--home, eating out at home (as in NOT on vacation), out of town, out of the country, favorite meal that each (cooking) member of my family (including lee's family) cooks, and even my favorite meal that i've cooked.

...we don't have time for all that.

15. what's your guilty pleasure tv show?
i don't feel guilty about anything i watch on tv... i enjoy every minute of it...

and now, i tag....
megan brady
paige richardson (although i think she JUST posted hers)
amanda penland
jessica killette
ashley brown
renn mcmurray
shannon crocker
andrea compton

can't wait to read y'alls!!


Graceandjoelroberts said...

Loved reading this and learning more about you! Totally agree with the 'incoming traffic does not stop'. Mine biggest traffic annoyance is people NOT using the turn lane but slowing down in the LEFT lane putting their blinker on and waiting until its time to turn to get in the lane! Shesh, my bp just went up typing it out, lol!!

Kandi said...

Thank you for the comment and tip about the lightscoop...it looks awesome and my birthday is coming up! Perfect timing! Your daughter is so precious and I love the pic of your dog "smiling"...