Friday, June 25, 2010

grilling addiction...

hi, my name is hannah. i'm addicted to grilling. [class responds: "hi, hannah"]

hah! so, this week mom came over to keep eden so lee could take me on a cheap date out for mexican... and i got FAJITAS!! and man, they were superb. but, you already know my feelings on a good piece of grilled chicken with some grilled veggies...

then i went to pf changs last night with dad, rebekah, and emily... we were celebrating rebekah's homecoming from lebanon on a 6 week mission trip AND her 21st birthday (that occurred while she was in lebanon)... and i got some of that delicious, addicting hot sauce (yeah, the hot sauce i "didn't" eat in this post) in a soup bowl to-go... its becoming a kitchen essential... like having milk in the fridge... or ketchup. its just always gotta be in there. i've been trying to be a little more conscious* of what i'm eating and its the perfect accessory to a good ole grilled piece of chicken... or just about anything!

*i've started buying larger packs of chicken and grilling it alllllllll at the same time and using it "leftover" in stuff... pasta, on top of my salad, just eating it plain (dipping it in something, etc)... it makes for a SUPER easy supper... just fix a side dish or two to go along with it. i'm all for not heating up the house/kitchen this time of year! :)

and i started thinking about those delicious bell peppers and onions in my fajitas... and how nice a grilled piece of chicken sounded... and we just got those yummy tortillas... and i could top it off with that hot sauce instead of salsa.

wah-lah! asian fajitas!!

man. oh. man... way more delicious than something unhealthy. and the best part? lee doesn't particularly care for bell peppers, so i guess i don't have to share :)

...i'm starting to wonder about these peppers/hot sauce thing again... because the LAST time i started craving stuff like that i was pregnant... and didn't know it yet. AHHHHHH! not this time!

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The Comptons said...

are you SURE?!?!?!? youre not preggers???????