Wednesday, June 16, 2010


today has been one of those days that i'd rather not relive*

*...well, up until this point... we're having dinner tonite with the bennetts--so i'm sure things are on the up and up from here!

let me back up a bit first... saturday, before i went to kristina's wedding, i decided i'd wear my wedding rings... just something about going to a wedding--i felt like i needed to have them on. even though they still don't fit like they used to.

i went to bed without taking them off... not terribly unusual... especially since it was a bit difficult to put them on...

sunday... dad and i went to pf changs... yeah, hellloooo sodium. i didn't even try to get them off after that... it wasn't bothering me, but i just knew there was no point. you get where this is going yet?!

well, after ichiban last night, i knew i'd have the same problem getting them off... eh, not really a big deal.

until i woke up this morning with an achy, stiff, purple finger.

i. tried. everything.

olive oil. soap. vaseline. the fishing line trick... you name it... i googled everything in the book. i even thought about taking a water pill--but wasn't sure how long it would take to kick in. and like i said, my finger was PURPLE.

and i got a bit panicky. there was only one thing left to do..........

i called a friend of mine & owner of jolly's jeweler's and he said they could get it off. i hopped in the car and dad went with me... lee was at home with the baby.

it wasn't quite as easy as they thought... my finger had swollen around the ring... the guys trying to get it off broke two sets of cutting plier thingys... and the wheel blade that probably would've cut it if i only had ONE ring on wasn't doing much since it was having to cut TWO rings at one time... they ended up using an inverted band saw and had to saw them off of my finger... can you say "friction"?! there were times i thought my finger would melt off before the ring was cut!

thick bands and channel set diamonds... apparently NOT the easiest to cut off.

after a few tears... he assured me everything could be fixed. i could come in after my finger was healed, i could come in to be re-sized...

this next picture really doesn't do it justice... but my finger was super red with dents in it where the rings were...
like a REALLY bad indian burn... its getting better, but its still pretty sore (probably from all the trying i did before i went to jolly's)

what. a. disaster.

yes, i'm fine... but i'm super disappointed at how it all went down... i'm thankful for the fine folks at jolly's for being so kind and helpful :)

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Ashlynn said...

Sorry you had a bad day! I know it must have been tough to have your rings cut off, but they can be fixed! Eden is so adorable, by the way. Hope you are well.