Wednesday, June 16, 2010


last night, eden and i went out with mom's side of the family to celebrate granny's & uncle dougie's birthday and father's day! we went to a japanese steakhouse...ichiban!! my favorite!!

i'd been begging lee to take me there for a while--but we really hadn't been headed that direction... anyhoo!

lee was at a concert with his friends crystal & tone in portsmouth, va... but oddly enough, we were both pretty excited about our own plans... i didn't have to be outside in the blistering heat for the concert and he didn't have to eat ichiban (well, he likes it, but not as much as me!)

so, back to mine and eden's night...

how cute is she in this outfit & socks... well, you can't see as much of the outfit... but the socks are adorable!! :)
she looks so big to me in this picutre... [sigh]

here's mom working her kiekie! magic...
and granny couldn't wait to get her hands on sweet little e!! who could blame her!?
(oh, not to mention, she got eden some really cute outfits, too!!)
yes, any outing with mom involves a group shot.
kiekie! was multitasking...
eden was such a doll while we were at ichiban! she LOVED watching the chef beat & bang on the grill... he called it his "japanese lullaby" :-D

a great time was had by all... and great leftovers were enjoyed by some! haha

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