Saturday, May 29, 2010


eden and i went to a family reunion today! a LARGE gathering of lee's dad's side of the family.

we took a quick photo of the babies!!

from left to right, in case you aren't familiar with everyone in the picture...
lucy, me, eden, alyssa, anna, mary kathryn, stephanie, and earl!
(eden had been crying just before the picture. ugh. drama queen.)

anna and i were ORIGINALLY due on the SAME DAY...

well, her due date was moved later... mine moved up a little bit...
then eden came 6 weeks before her due date...
...and alyssa came a week AFTER her due date!
so, for babies who were supposed to be REALLY close in age are almost 2 months apart!
(yea, i realize in the long run, they're still really close in age,
but to start with the same due date, i don't think they could've been much further apart!)

...and they're almost the same weight!
alyssa went to the dr. this week and weighs 9lb 11oz...

and little e was weighed at mama's work and is a whopping

oh! and to make it even more interesting...
anna and lee were originally due on the same day (maybe a few days apart--i can't remember?)
but, lee came 5 weeks early!
lee is an april baby and anna a june baby! :)

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