Sunday, May 30, 2010

miss smiley

wow. hard to believe my baby will be 3 months old on tuesday!!

i did a little photoshoot of her today in the cutest little dress... yes, still newborn size! but that stuff is getting smaller by the minute--
i think we'll be in 0-3 month stuff within the next week or so.
(even her onesies are getting hard to snap!)

she's sleeping 6-7 hours at night, chowing down a bottle, then back to sleep for another 5-6 hrs...
and will throw in a 8-10 hour stretch every now and then...
...and she'll throw in a 4 hour stretch every now and then, too...
i know she's doing really well in the sleep category--all things considered.
but, i find myself a little frustrated knowing what she's capable of...
i'm trying to pin down if its something i'm doing,
like not being consistent with her bedtime schedule or something...
but i think she's wanting to sleep longer, she's just a hungry, growing girl! :)

and i know i've mentioned it before, but since i'm making this her "3 month" post, i'll say it again-
she LOVES sitting up... looking around and soaking it all in.
the only time she's happy laying down is under her playmat.

we're getting the hang of going out and about...
and now that she's 10 lbs,
i'm starting to feel the burn in the biceps after carrying her around in her seat.

and this sweet girl is just not a paci girl...
i've gotten the closest thing to her bottle (non-contoured)
and she likes it for about .2 seconds and gets frustrated when there's no milk in it.
silly girl.

she is such a happy baby... just gotta keep her belly full! :) she is beginning to smile on demand, which made for a fun photoshoot today!

i don't know any doctor-y stuff for her 3 months, we go back for a well baby check at 4 months :)

here are a few of my favorites! sweet girl...

nershi was a tad jealous misinformed.
he thought i should've been taking pictures of him...

umm... ahem. nershi, can you scooch to the left a little.
and because you guys are such faithful blog readers, i will reward you with a video...
yes, the smile in action.

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