Friday, May 28, 2010

multi level sofa

apparently, in nershi's world our sofa is a multi-level observation unit.

he has spent his entire lifetime exploring the intricacies of the various comfy spots on this sofa.

he has just embarked on the 2nd "back cushion".
try as i might, they just don't ever return to the original flat, firm top they once had...

which despite the surprisingly good condition of the sofa,
(after many moves, overnight guests, spills, sunday nap drool, and..well, you get the idea.) makes it look frumpy.
...but he sure does look comfy. and on guard...

and no, i can't switch the two cushions, so he'll only continue to ruin one of them--
because he also peeks out the other window from time to time.

eh, i think we'll keep him. and the sofa.
makes it feel like home.

1 comment:

KieKie! said...

Love that mutt. He loves his new perch so much, he'll forgive you for the coffee table thing. (You forgot that the sofa most recently served as been "night duty central" since March!!!)