Monday, May 31, 2010

blue jean baby

ya know, lee and i aren't dressy sorta folks...
and if you catch me not wearing my blue jeans, it must be a special occasion...

...uh... ahem... i mean wearing something other than my blue jeans :) haha

eden got a little set of super soft denim overalls from a family friend who lives in texas
(hey, judi!!)
and it was a little bigger than her other newborn sized stuff--
so, when the other stuff started getting small, i knew these would be just perfect!!

i do realize that i'm a little partial...
but, she is the cutest baby...
and this is the cutest outfit.

this first one is my favorite picture of her so far!
yes, i love it so much i'm going to post it a 2nd time... edited :)

what is it about a baby in overalls??
i can't get enough of her in this outfit!!

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