Tuesday, June 1, 2010

random unorganized thoughts

frankly, it wasn't the "holiday weekend" that i had in mind... but we made the most of it. we had some plans that fell through... but i was able to go to the grocery store... by myself. (that's a treat!! like my own personal mini-vacay!!)

aunt lisa, uncle steve and caleb kept eden... and they always tell me "when you leave the grocery store, go home and put them away before you come back to get her" ...good idea! but, they just want more time with her.... ahh! a win/win situation for everyone!

eh, back to our weekend... lee spent the better part of it working... but i fell victim to the "memorial day cookout" advertising... i wanted hot dogs for dinner (the real reason for my grocery trip). and i was determined to have a cookout... even if it was just the 4 of us. me. lee. eden. nershi. family time!! :) i made hot dog chili and baked beans and ran out of time for the french fries... so, we made do with chips.

i don't think i've ever WANTED hot dogs for dinner... hot dogs of any kind generally disgust me*. and when i say i wanted hot dogs, i don't mean the beef kind... i wanted either oscar mayer "weiners" (hee hee... snicker snicker) or the carolina packers... you know, the BRIGHT RED ONES.

*except for kannon's hot dogs. those things were amazing. maybe that's why i don't eat hot dogs anymore... because i can't get them from kannons. hmph.

but, of the two choices i gave myself, they only had the oscar mayer ones... and they didn't disappoint.

i've just about come to the conclusion that i'll eat most anything if it comes off of the grill. eh, almost.

tonite, i cooked corn on the cob, veggies (snow peas, sugar snap peas, zucchini, squash, mushrooms), and shrimp!! yum!!

lee says i've become the new "grill sergeant" ...i just need my hunky husband to fire it up for me!

eden and i missed church (again) this week... i was just exhausted...i napped when she did, and i woke up and had no clue what time it was or even where i was at. and sometimes i feel overwhelmed about taking eden somewhere by myself. its nice to have an extra set of hands to dig through the diaper bag, or get the door for you, etc... and this little girl is getting heavy in that carseat... carrying that thing around has to be the most un-natural, uncomfortable position. EVER. and sometimes, getting out the stroller isn't the best thing to do either... maybe i'll have some serious biceps in a few months. maybe. our pastor joked about making millions and millions of dollars if he could invent a lightweight, easy to carry carseat. eh, good luck with that one, matt! :)

tomorrow i have a "reservation" for the NEW spicy chicken sandwich at chick-fil-a... and i've been looking forward to this since CHRISTMAS... when the manager/owner at our local cfa told me about the new menu item...

BUT! my amazing husband surprised me with one tonite!!! he's amazing. so amazing, in fact, that i split it with him. he was sweet enough to get it for me... so, i should be sweet enough to share it, right?

eden is growing like a weed... and seems to be doing something different and learning something new every. day. i love watching her grow! in fact, i love watching things grow... except, most plants that i buy to watch them grow... well, i end up watching them die. i've only successfully "grown" nershi... and now i hope to keep watching eden grow. just another reminder of our heavenly father and his grace and mercy on us every day. ...and i can't stop looking at her pictures of her in those sweet little overalls. gosh. and i keep asking myself "is she really MY baby?!"

eden's birth announcements were supposed to be here today... but i suppose the holiday slowed the mail up a bit... oh well. i waited almost 3 months to make them, what's another few days? i did them more as a keepsake (and because i had a gift card from shutterfly.com)... i think its safe to say, i've already "announced her birth" ha.

speaking of which... 3 months old today?! are you serious?! wow. and also on this day eight years ago, i went on my first date with lee!! and it rained buckets and buckets today just like it did on our first date!

...i distinctly remember the rain on that first date... why, you ask? because "this new guy" i was going on a date with had a car who's windshield wipers DIDN'T WORK. great. i already had the jitters about going out with him... "is he the same great guy that i remembered from january?" "will he even like me?" "he's going off to college, what does he want with a girl who is still in high school 3 hours away" "why are we going to a dance recital for our first date...oh well, its a pretty good drive to get there...we can talk on the way there and back" ...well well well... whaddya know... eight years later and we still sorta like each other!

...ha! i'm kidding! i love him more than ever!!! :-D

wipeout is back on!! along with some other summer television... we've been recording lots of stuff because it seems when we sit down to watch something this time of year/night there's nothing on that we want to watch. i may never understand why someone would subject themselves to such embarrassment on national television by appearing on wipeout... but honestly, its entertaining. very entertaining.

OH! and oh. my. goodness!! we get the game show network now... possibly my most favorite channel. EVER. i could watch it all day!! hahaha... i'm such a doofus. so, i'd like to give a shout-out to time warner cable... and thank them for not making me upgrade my cable package to get just a few more channels that i wanted. eh, i think you should pick the channels you want anyway instead of a package... and even pro-rate it for how much you watch... like your power bill... any-hoo, that's neither here nor there!

i really wish i could win the "mega millions" lottery jackpot tonite. oh well... i probably need to buy a ticket in order to do so. every time i see those silly ping pong balls pop up in their little windows, i wish i could jot 'em down and run (in the car, duh!) as fast as i could to the nearest gas station and buy a ticket with the winning numbers i'd just seen on tv. maybe if i was fast enough, do you think it would work?

ok, i'm done rambling now... i've cleared my head... eden's asleep... lee's running... i'm off to bed. goodnite!

you're still reading?! wow, you're such a faithful reader... 2 points for you!!


Paige said...

I hear there is a hotdog place in Rolesville that has Cannon's chili. Don't know if it's true, I haven't been. Jerry's grandma says it is exactly like she remembers. If I find out where it is in Rolesville, I'll let you know. :) I loved that place!!! My grandma would take me every Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah, I like it when you are rambling...I get to read more,more and more..love it....Beautiful pictures of Eden Caroline...I miss her, she is growing so fast....love those cute outfits...Love to all, Granny T.