Monday, March 8, 2010

one week

at 12:22 today, as i was feeding my very hungry little girl, i took a big deep breath and said...

WOW. WHAT. A. WEEK! haha...

not much to update today per-say... but i'm sure glad to share some pictures with you of my little squirt :)

look at her long arms!
holding mama's fingers before she goes back to "the beach" (under the bili-lights)

around the clock care waiting on her beckon call, laying around at "the beach", fed when she wants it, and a nice pair of shades with her legs crossed... why do i think she's gonna be a little high maintenance?
happy one week, eden!! we are chompin' at the bit for you to come home!!


The Crocker's said...

That's one gorgeous little girl! So glad she is doing well! Praying that you can have her in your arms rocking in that sweet room of hers soon!

Rebekah Sanderson said...

My favorite picture is the second one from the top. She's got a little smirk and her arms are all flapped out like, "Mommy, why so many pictures?!" I love the little diva all ready :)