Tuesday, March 9, 2010

just another day in the special care nursery

we had yet another great visit today with eden at the hospital. she continues to grow stronger everyday... and show us a little bit more of her personality ;)

she nursed her whole feeding (as opposed to us supplementing with a bottle)... even though we're still going head to head with her sleepiness... today, i managed to change her diaper in the middle of her feeding to waker her up...

and suuuuure enough, she finished up like a champ! :)

today was also a very busy day for eden's mama... i'm learning the only way to get my energy back is to burn it! ...let's be honest, the more i lay around and sleep all day, the more i'm going to want to lay around and sleep all day... not the best habit to develop before you bring your baby home, huh? and i've also found that getting little things done and errands run (no, i'm not driving) helps me to sleep better & more soundly at night...

any hoooooo... mom came over today and helped me go through the stuff eden got at the baby shower. even though i'm positive eden will make up for lost time a little further down the road, some of the smaller outfits (0-3mos, 3-6mos, 6-9mos) she got are big enough that she'll be able to wear them when they're out of season... like a really cute outfit--very springy... yellow with flowers & butterflies... i'm guessing she'll be able to wear around christmas... you get the idea.

so, mom and i went through and were able to exchange some stuff for some preemie clothes and getting gift cards for when we figure out exactly what sizes she'll be wearing when... and even got a few things we'd need with our preemie that we didn't plan on when we registered--like the roll things that go around her head in the carseat to keep her head stable :)

...another one of those "loose ends" eden's nurse suggested we tie up pretty soon... because she is doing better every. single. day! :)

...ah... and if you've read this far, you probably realize by now that i don't have any pictures... well, i do have one. that's because today, i just enjoyed my time with eden... just being her mama. just imagine yesterday's pictures, but a little bit cuter :) i'll double up tomorrow, i promise... in the meantime, this one should "hold you over"

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