Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my favorite kind of gifts

eden isn't even home to see all of the fun things that await for her here--you know, a really cool fur-brother, a fun room, loads of gifts, and all sorts of stuff!--but the goodies just keep coming in!! the handmade ones always get special recognition...

today we got a really special gift from one of my co-worker's wife. bill's wife, ms. becky quilts... and she made the prettiest, happiest, funnest (i know thats not a word) quilt! i just LOVE IT!!

i'm crossing my fingers that you can "click to enlarge" these pictures (i've still never figured out why some you can & some you can't)... because the pictures just don't do it justice... its gorgeous!!'s the back... a fun polka-dotted, swirly kinda pattern... how fun!

thanks again ms. becky (and bill!) for the quilt!! we LOVE it!!

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

HOW GORGEOUS!! And how talented is she! That is just perfect and I can't wait to see a picture of Eden snuggled up in it!
*Yes, we're still happily married after putting up the tree ;-), there were a few tense moments and lots of "what in the worlds", and I found a random set of leaves in the middle of the tree I had to move? Strange, but we love it. Thanks again for letting us copy your great find! Our girls are going to love their trees!