Wednesday, March 10, 2010

one day at a time

leaps and bounds, day by day!! we continue to praise Jesus for eden's progress!!

today, we arrived at the hospital a few minutes before her 3:30 feeding, to find out she's been put on a 4 hour schedule


she'd been moved to an OPEN CRIB!

...the nurse also asked us to bring in her carseat! eden will have to pass a one hour carseat "test" before she comes home--basically, they make sure she can stay securely in her carseat without slumping over (and i'm sure they monitor her stats while doing so)

so, even though we missed her feeding, we stayed and "visited" for a few minutes, but then left because we both just wanted to pick her up and snuggle and we were so afraid we'd wake her up!

but i managed to get a few pictures of e's sweet daddy just smitten over her...

next step? HOME! we are sooo ready!!

and we are also thankful (mainly because others have told us what a blessing it is) that these FANTASTIC nurses have ALREADY gotten her on a schedule! :) ...let's just try to keep it that way!!

keep praying, y'all!! we'll keep you posted :)


Graceandjoelroberts said...

Go Eden!! She is just incredible! Can't wait to hear about her homecoming!

mhwilder629 said...

karleigh had to pass the car seat test too. they have to make sure their heart rate don't go haywire while in the car seat. its also awesome news that they are giving you an over night. i did't get that chance but its ok.

The Brock Family said...

Hannah, I tear up when I read your blog. I think it's because it reminds me of my first days with Hudgins and now he's almost 2. I also can tell just how much in love you are with your miracle. God is wonderful, huh?