Saturday, March 6, 2010

makin' up for lost time

now, i will admit its a different kind of love than i feel for eden, but i DO love nershi a LOT... he's my "fur baby"... and i'll even admit to getting a little weepy at the hospital just thinking that i'd left him in such a hurry on saturday after having been gone ALL day... what a terrible mommy.

we had a great reuniting friday when i came home... and he's hardly let me out of his sight since. he's been very calm--like he understands what's going on... or at least something is different now.

here's a picture or two from when i was trying to upload picutures/update blog friday night.

we napped together today and it was juuuust like "old times"...ahhhh! :)

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Rachel said...

This is too cute!! I've always thought that dogs make a family complete. That's so cute that he's being such cuddley boy!!

So excited for you and your new family :) I know we never really got to know each other that well in school, but I've really enjoyed getting to learn more about you and your new little family :)