Saturday, March 6, 2010

another great day

after my first night resting at home, today was destined to be great! :)

this morning at home was just a tad stressful--i overslept and sorta forgot that i'm moving a little slower than normal, so it took me a bit longer to get ready, but never the less, we made it out the door in time...

we planned our visit around her feeding so we could do it... and she was pretty sleepy, but we spent a few hours up there and had a great time!

here's a few pictures from our visit today...

family photo opp!
see my long fingers!

milk drunk!

lee with his mini-lee...
and tonite we even got out of the house for a bit for a quick trip to target and to swing by granny's for some FOOD!

and now its time for bed... ready for another great visit tomorrow and one step closer to coming home*!!

*by the way, many of you have asked when she'll be coming home--we simply don't know right now. the doctors would like her to put on a bit more weight and she has a bit of a "checklist" of things they'd like her to be doing before we bring her home (most of which has already been "checked"), but we'll be sure to update you all as information is made available to us.

and just another reminder, once we do come home, the number of visitors will still be very limited. we appreciate your prayers, concerns & encouragement

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