Friday, March 5, 2010

daddy's turn!

tonite we went back to the hospital for another feeding... when we walked in she was SCREAMING... bless her heart, they were getting all of her measurements and stats and vitals... etc... and they even put some clothes on her!
by the time they finished with her, she'd all but worn herself out... she latched on for a bit but was pretty content not eating--as long as they weren't messing with her either :)

so, we tried the bottle tonite... and that's something we put DADDY in charge of!
...doesn't look like he minded too much, huh?
he was BEAMING!! :-D
...and yes, eden even got in a little beard-rubbing.

what a special time we had with eden tonite! another great visit with her... with a whoooole lotta daddy time! :) it only took about .00000000001 seconds for him to be compleeeetely wrapped around her little finger. imagine that.

i took LOTS of pictures tonite--since it was lee's first time holding her, however, it was pretty dark in there... :-/

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