Monday, March 15, 2010


well, we've successfully completed two nights at home... whodda thought we'd made it this far!? :)

the 2nd night was muuuuuuuuuuuch better than the first... i'll blame the first night on everyone getting adjusted to a new place, new routine... we survived. that's about all i can remember in my sleepless delirium.

she did have her first bath on her first night home and she loved it... she kept grabbing the washcloth and kicking her feet! but, so much for the johnson's bedtime bath... supposed to make 'em sleepy, right?!? (sorry, no pictures... i've only got 2 hands and a non-waterproof camera) ;-D

last night i managed to get about 7-8 combined hours of sleep and have skipped my nap today (well, so far anyway... the night is young!)

eden is doing REALLY well... she's eating like a champ every 4 hours. she had her first pediatrician appointment this morning and dr. k described her as "perfect--more perfect than a 34-weeker should be!" :-D she weighs 4lb 2oz... which, if you're keeping track, she's gained an ounce a day for the last 4 days... wow.

and then we came home... our "first born"...nershi.

...while we were out, he'd had quite a party in all of eden's hospital stuff while we were gone. he ate some of the (disposable) parts that i use to pump... he ate the eye pieces out of her "tanning goggles"...and he sampled some johnson's soap... uuugh... and left the rest on the CARPET. how in the heck do you get SOAP out of carpet... the more you scrub, the more it bubbles.. uuuuugh!!

i canNOT tell you the last time he did any thing like that... i was sooo disappointed...and nershi looked at me like he knew he was dead meat.

after a meltdown (mine.), lee offered to go get granny's steam carpet cleaner thingy... and mom was able to make it look good as new..., in looking back and trying to find the silver lining, i've discovered that the only other liquid in the little bag that he ransacked was an extra tube of dye for her belly button... oh. my. goodness... thank you, Lord!!

all in all, we are all doing great! eden is doing LOTS of sleeping... and we're still trying new ways to wake her up... and mama and daddy are learning which cry means what and how to help each other and tag-teaming naps...

and that's all the eden update i've got for now... i'll leave you with a few pictures! :)

here's a hat kie kie made for her... she has already outgrown the one she got at the hospital
and here's one of her preemie nightgowns... with socks... they came up to her knees and i just HAD to take a picture! haha

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