Friday, March 12, 2010

reporting live from rex...

alls well so far here at our first night together as a family*

*minus nershi... he's having a blast at grandpa's... we will reunite tomorrow :)

eden is such a blessing... we LOVE having her here with us and not wondering what she's doing or if she's happy...

lee is feeding her a "mama bottle" (a bottle with breastmilk) and she's chowin' down... she's an eater for sure!! she just smacks those lips and goes to town!!

so far she's doing great... we've had a couple of feedings, some diaper changes, and even a little bit of playtime... and lots of snuggling... since she doesn't have any monitors on and she doesn't have to be in her "tanning bed"

well, that's about all there is to update now... i'll leave you guys with a picture.
we are in love.

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