Friday, March 5, 2010

one down one to go...

ahhh... yes, its sooo nice to blog from HOME! which means we're one day closer to getting eden home, too... one down, one to go.

yesterday, i failed to share with you my most favorite picture from thursday... but i'm sure you'll agree, its worth the wait :)
i just LOVE how lee is staring at her and can't stop smiling... ahhh... good stuff.

TODAY, i went in to feed her at 9:30 and was AMAZED at how alert she was! preemies are notably sleepy all the time anyway and her "tanning bed lights" make her even sleepier... but those are gone and she had her iv out, too!

she had her eyes wide open and was looking around and wiggling like crazy! (as if she needed to have one. more. feature. like her daddy! haha)...i was SO excited!! that's been the biggest hurdle to cross is combating her "sleepiness" to feed her... she's nursing great & knows exactly what to do (another thing the doctors have been pretty surprised about for her "prematurity"), but she has the hardest time staying awake!

but not today! here's a few pictures of our time together before we all "gathered 'round the dinner table" :)

good morning, sunshine!!!

she fed long enough & well enough, the nurse didn't even put anything in her feeding tube... then we got to have a nice long spurt of "kangaroo time"... and i'm not sure who enjoyed it more--me or eden.
she zonked out after breakfast, and only fussed a little as we peeled her off of me to get her back in the isolette.

not long after this, i checked out, headed home and got to reunite with my "fur-baby"--somehow, i think he instinctively knew that something was different. he was very excited to see me, but didn't jump and was very calm and was listening very well to commands like "wait" and "stay" so i could get up in the chair for some special nershi time :)

lee and i are going back to the hospital tonite to attempt another over-the-top successful feeding and another great visit with eden.

i wasn't sure how i'd feel leaving without her today, but i've done surprisingly well (from what i've heard from other mommies)... i don't have a single shadow of a doubt she's in the best of care up there--the nurses and doctors have been phenomenal... really. i'm ready for her to come home--but only when she is ready. i still have lots of resting and re-cooperating to do here at home and will be anxiously awaiting the green light from her caregivers in the nursery. the more i can heal here at home, the better i can be for her when she gets home... that's the mindset i've chosen to be in.

and i would also like to give you an update on lee. not that i had any doubt that he would be nothing short of a phenomenal daddy, but he's been more than that. he's been washing bottles, driving back and forth, taking care of the house, laundry, on "nershi-duty"--taking him running and scheduling his time with other family members helping out, touching base with his coworkers, spending the night with me, having time with eden in the special care nursery and has prayed over me and her...and so many other things i can't even begin to mention that he's just. handled... like a champ!! honestly, i already knew he was an amazing man and a leader for our home, but he's turned on the turbo boosters and if i live 10000 more years, i'll never be able to thank him enough. he's simply amazing.

that's about all the update i've got right now... thanks again for all of your prayers--they're felt for sure! :)


Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah, Lee and Eden.... Great glad to see and hear you all are doing so well...can't wait to see little Eden...take care ..hugs and kisses from Granny Tarboro.