Sunday, March 28, 2010

bath time

i was a little apprehensive about bath time with a baby... a very small baby...

what on earth would i do with a wet slippery small baby?!

so, even though her "stump" fell off while we were at the hospital, i did give her a sponge bath for her first bath...

and she liked it--she didn't like getting cold (but, who does?!)

then i graduated eden myself to put her in the little hospital basin...
...and she LOVED IT! so, for her next bath, i finally felt good enough to put her in her cute little tub!
yeah, i know... "angry eyes" doesn't exactly say "i love my bath" --but trust me... she kicked her feet and waved her hands around and tried to grab the washcloth... she'd fuss if she started to get the least bit cold, but as long as i was running warm water over her, she was lovin' it!

daddy wanted to get a cute picture of her in her whale tub! she's such a cutie!

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