Sunday, March 28, 2010


now, i'll be the first to admit--we're typically a pretty "heavy sleeping" family... i prefer to get 9ish hours of sleep per night and love naps, lee likes to nap (even though he generally doesn't sleep as long as i do), and nershi even lays around a lot...

so when everyone said "get ready, you won't be able to get enough sleep" and "rest while you can because you're life is about to be turned upside down" and"you just wait!..." blah blah ........i could go on, you get the point... i really was pretty worried (more worried than i should be about lack of sleep!)

but, knock on wood, we've been very lucky.

what little sleep deprivation that i get at night, doesn't effect me nearly as much as i thought it would... and of course we cat-nap... don't get me wrong--rest is VERY important... but the deprivation isn't nearly as dramatic as everyone made it out to be...

so, i'm taking the chance to count my blessings for the good sleep we do get and the tag-team effort between lee and myself... it works. and we're oh-so-thankful!

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