Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring cleaning

after a decision* to make a "frappe run" at mcdonalds at 10pm tonite, the cleaning/nesting bug has bitten! (mcdonalds version of the frappuccino--MORE THAN MARVELOUS... especially since lee and i have given up caffeine for nearly good.)

*i'll let you know later if that was a good or bad one... keep reading and stay tuned.

now, i'm not sure if its possible to get your nesting frenzy AFTER your baby is born, but in my defense, i am still supposed to be pregnant right now.

i've been pretty proud of myself lately for staying (mostly) on top of laundry around here**... with some help from mom (folding) and lee (putting away) <--doesn't sound like i did much, huh? well, i did sort it and start the load(s) and then put 'em in the dryer... so, i decided to ditch some of my over-worn t-shirts and such and contemplated bringing my pre-maternity clothes back down (i am SOOOO close to my pre-prego weight...maybe i'll even be a little under that) [fingers crossed]... thank the Lord for nursing, right!? ...ahh... i digress!

**even though i've NOT done most everything else that i normally do... oh well!

SO! as i was sorting through donations, keepers, and things that are so beyond worn they shouldn't be donated i realized this makes my "rule" pretty difficult to follow this year... i try to say "if i haven't worn it this year, then i won't wear it next year--so i should ditch/donate it"--well, most of my clothes i didn't wear this year because of the baby bump... eh, this year's spring cleaning required some extra discernment... its a work in progress and i'm PRAYING that i don't get out of this "mood" before i finish... hmm...

ugh... the "frappe" and today's yesterday's nap has definitely given me the boost to take care of some stuff here around the house, but i'm pretty sure i'll be paying for this later on.

well, i'm rambling now... and its after 1am... and i hear three distinct snores... a 25 year old man, a 3 year old dog, and surprisingly--a nearly 4 week old baby :)

nite y'all... wish me luck--for finishing my "projects" that i've started in these wee hours of the morning... AND for not draggin' my rear end around tomorrow... hmph.

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

How awesome, I think I'll take nesting any time I can get it! Anything to get my house clean! Gotta tell you, I'm slightly jealous of your coffee run!! Good luck with all your projects, hope the motivation and energy last!!