Wednesday, February 17, 2010

happy valentine's day!

better late than never!

so, lee and i don't typically celebrate valentines day... we've always said we don't need to tell each other how much we love each other. he tells me at least a hundred times a day. and means it more each time... and ditto on my end.

but this year lee got me a special gift... my ever lovin' hippy hubby...

a "lot tee" of those t-shirts you can pick up in the parking lot of a concert (no, not most concerts--just the ones that lee goes to)

these tees usually take a well known logo and instead of having the brand name, they insert the name of a song from that band...make sense? like taking the "blue moon" beer logo..

and swapping out the wording for a widespread song... "blue indian"

ok... well, as i was saying... my honey got me a shirt that took the red stripe logo (yeah, another beer brand! haha)
and it had a widespread panic song on the front... red hot mama!!

how cute!! ...and appropriate!! :-D i love him. he's so thoughtful!!! i guess he's hinting around for his "grateful dad" (from the grateful dead!) shirt...
he's wanted one of these since i found out i was pregnant!! haha...

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Megan said...

cute! and i LOVE the new layout!