Saturday, January 9, 2010

6 months a little more

wow, where has the time gone? seems like a week or two ago i saw that little plus sign... and was wondering if it was a false positive... and when lee was gonna hurry up and get home so i could share the news before i spontaneously combusted :)

but, nevertheless, here we are... 6 months in.

i'm beginning to miss a good piece of sushi, a nice glass of wine, sleeping on my stomach*, sneaking a bite of cookie dough, and eggs over medium.

*still to this minute, that has been the BIGGEST adjustment for me...

i have truly been blessed these past 6 months... very little complaints on my end... rarely had morning sickness or any sort of aches or pains... now, i do realize the hardest part of the journey is yet to come, but still--i'm nearly 70% DONE!

the pregnancy dreams have been hilarious... most recently i've dreamed that we went to the grammy's and gene simmons kept walking by me and pointing at my belly saying "baby hop" with his disgustingly long tongue... and jimmy fallon invited us backstage to see everyone before they went on stage...

i've also had the recurring dream (well, the IDEA was recurring--but the dreams were different) that we're having a boy. perhaps this comes as a result of scheduling my 3d/4d ultrasound and them offering to "look again" since miss priss was sitting in my hips the day of our last ultrasound--making it really difficult to sneak a peek... and i've had numerous people tell me that the doctors guessed wrong when they were pregnant... (sigh) my "must plan everything" nature has really been rattled by this possibility... really...

and no, i don't have a picture for you... for now, at least... its been a hectic week, but i did want to update you guys :), i'll make you wait for the picture.

i'm reading a book called baby wise... its come highly recommended... and within the first 30 pages, i've already learned a LOT... i'm looking forward to reading the rest of it--and lee's waiting for me to finish it so he can read it, too :) i'm all for a book that promises to get your baby to sleep through the night sooner... canigetanAMEN! haha

oh, and just this morning, i noticed a very consistently patterned jolt in my stomach every few seconds... that lasted for SEVERAL minutes... the only thing i can think of is HICCUPS! now, i'm sure as she grows they'll get stronger and more noticeable, but they certainly weren't as power-packed as her kicks and jabs... so, i've decided that she either has hiccups or a very good sense of rhythm... sheesh, just like her daddy :)

that's about all the update i have for now... stay tuned for a busy blog week... we're off to see mary-kathryn, lucy, and meet earl... oh yeah, we'll see stephanie and kevin too! we're headed to the outer banks with lee's parents for christmas with them... i'll be sure to take lots of pictures...

then when we get back, my mom is painting the nursery, eden's chair and ottoman will be delivered, i have another doctors appointment (seems like its been forever!), and hopefully we'll be finishing up with our bedroom mini-makeover (new furniture & tv mounted)... and i'm sure there's more going on that i can't remember right now (i have to write everything down these days!) so stay tuned, ladies and gents :)

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Jennifer said...

This was a great post Hannah...and yes you can get an AMEN to getting that babe to sleep.

Your joy is infectious!

Best wishes for your trip and tell Lee that Shane has been running...running...running with his new Brooks. How did he ever manage without them?