Sunday, January 3, 2010

lucky dog

no wonder i can't get back in bed once i'm up... seems someone always picks up right where i left off...
no, this next shot he's not posing... this is exactly what he does.
this is the face of "enough with that camera...keep quiet!"

and this last one is maybe my most favorite picture of nershi... ever. sorta reminds me of a similar picture with the same dog... except he wasn't nearly the "bed hog" back then...
nershi has taught us so much about being parents and being a better person in general (we ALL could use a lesson or two about love from a dog--i don't care who you are)... i can only imagine how much we'll love eden when she gets here and how much SHE will teach us... and the relationship that nershi and eden will share.

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Megan said...

LOVE that pic of Nershi! Sooo cute!