Sunday, January 3, 2010

daddy lee reporting for duty!

much to my surprise, a little "railroad earth" seemed to be just the motivation lee needed to get e's crib assembled... WOOOO HOOOO!!!
he laid out all of the parts and began what he would soon learn wasn't a daunting journey
lee with the DIRECTIONS (and a new haircut)... atta boy! :)
ok, maybe just a little bit more procrastinating... a quick power nap... or was he telling me that he thought he'd be up there all night?
i see you workin' hard, lee! :) (while i'm busy taking pictures)
the "men" putting the finishing touches on it... and tightening the last screws...
...i just couldn't resist--i had to go ahead and put the dust ruffle in there with her comforter draped over the side (like they show in the pictures! ha!)
close up... i'm in love with these colors! YAY!
thank you so much, lee for already being the best daddy for eden!! i'm so thankful for you! you did a SUPER job!

and sweet nershi wanted me to open the blinds to he could see out the window... we've taught him well... already making sure the boys stay away! :)

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Poirier Family said...

Love the crib!! You guys are too funny. Love that Nershi is already looking out for the little one!!