Sunday, January 3, 2010

gee, thanks

recently, lee's boss todd brought hats into work to donate to the local rescue mission... well, lee found one he just couldn't live without... so, instead of to the rescue mission, todd "donated" it to lee... thanks, todd--no really. :-\
it has a lovely "k-mart" logo on the front... (not pictured)... oh, and please know i've not enhanced the color of this picutre--that hat is THAT red.

while lee was ordering our lunch today at bojangles, the pom-pom at the top of the hat kept touching the roof... and as he'd lean his head out the window to order it would bobble back and forth on the top of the window... and thanks to my pregnancy hormones, i got the giggles...and thought it was the funniest thing i'd ever seen... well, when i started laughing, lee didn't know what i was laughing at, but HE started laughing... i'm sure the poor guy taking our order thought we were looney (well, he was probably right about one of us)

and i don't know why... but i haven't stopped laughing since. i'm just in a giggly mood today...

does anyone else think this is funny, or have i just lost my marbles?!

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