Sunday, January 24, 2010

kids exchange

well, i shoulda known when i walked in the kids exchange today and the lady at the door said "would you like a map?" ...yes, please... "oh, and you didn't bring a bag or a wagon?" ...umm, nope. never done this before how does it work?

i walked outta there with a bag full of cute dresses & outfits for $80 and some change...

love this little peach outfit...
and a white smocked dress with little roses on it...
a bath robe!
...the colors didn't show up too great in this picture...its green pants and a little flowery onesie...
LOVE this dress from the baby gap!
and this one...
cute little giraffe with the little safari pants! :)
a magenta dress with little ladybugs at the top (the stretchy kinda smock--i dunno what that's called)...with matching bloomers, no less!
this dress is adorable!
OVERALLS!! and a super cute shirt underneath...
cream colored tops with the little army green pants... cute!!
here's some of the other outfits... (in case you can't click to enlarge--the one in the middle says "worth the wait" and on the armrest at about 7 o'clock says "bad hair day"
same here... the one at about 4 o'clock says "daddy does my hair" and check out the yellow bikini!!!!! ahhh!!
too cute!
wow... i had SOOO much fun today... and i'm so glad i waited until the last day--everything was at such a great price...and on the last day (today), its 50% off!!

guess i better get started on laundry :)

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