Saturday, January 23, 2010

stroller education

lee and i have been trying to figure out which stroller (...ugh...or TWO) that works for what we both need...

me? i picked one because i liked the pattern... and i know some others with the same one who like it...(yeah, i know, probably not the best way to pick a stroller--but with loads of government regulations, they've all got to be pretty safe, eh?)

lee? mr. research! ...he wanted a versatile jogging stroller... and had even tried some out before we needed to make a decision. genius.

the problem lies within the carseat--one that would adapt to what he wanted AND what i wanted...without having to buy two carseats that would last until miss priss was a year old...

after a long day at work, i was getting tired of thinking about it and frustrated with NOT finding what i needed online...i ventured up to babies-r-us (yes, on a saturday afternoon! wow!)...figured i'd play dumb (well, there wasn't a whole lot of "playing") and met marcus.

marcus is the resident stroller man at babies-r-us... this guy knows EVERYTHING about ALL the strollers... i told him what lee and i would need it for, where we would go, yada yada yada...

he spent loads of time with me helping me understand the differences, how to fold them down, what accessories are available with which models, and which carseats fit which strollers!

i was so relieved when i left babies-r-us today, i knew what we NEEDED... and from here, i could now pick out which one was cute and make an EDUCATED decision from there. that's a good feelin'

did the decision haaaave to be made today? no. but with family beginning to ask what to buy and showers just around the corner, i'm remind of how much i don't like to exchange stuff :) so, lets register for the right stuff to begin with!

here's the carseat i picked...
and the amazing bob stroller... these things are amazing.
i feel like these decisions will prove to be beneficial in the long run... the carseat obviously she will outgrow, but the stroller is here for the long haul...

i'm thankful for lee... who encouraged me to do my homework and not pick one that was just "cute". and i'm also thankful for MARCUS! that man knows a LOT about strollers! :)

seemed nice to experience someone who was passionate and knowledgeable in their area of retail. especially in a larger chain store, like babies-r-us!

i'm SURE i'll sleep better tonite knowing that i've done some research and come to a solution that works best for our family :)

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The Crocker's said...

have to chime in on this one as we had three strollers and are now down to two :) hehe.

My favorite hands down is the BOB! LOVE IT! H loves it b/c it sits him up higher than any stroller and it is a breeze to run with and in the mall.

Good choice!! Let me know when that sweet Eden comes and we'll go cruising the mall with them!