Sunday, January 24, 2010

lined baskets

i finally found the lined baskets i've been looking for for e's room! i knew it was just a matter of time... waiting for all the spring & easter stuff to be put out!
i bought a few extras, in case i would need more for the shelves i was putting them on--but i was sure to keep the receipt!

these babies almost proved to be more difficult to find than i originally thought--after spotting them yesterday at a michael's that's not-so-close-to-home, i waited to buy them today after 4pm...because i got two sweeeeet coupons... i figured i'd get them at the michael's that's nearby.

...but they were picked over... so after the kids exchange, i went back to raleigh to the michael's that i knew had them--thankfully, i was able to get what i needed... ON SALE! :)

i shouldn't have any trouble sleeping tonite, after church, the kids exchange, visiting 2 michaels, stopping my rei to check out the stroller (verrrry slightly different than the one at babies-r-us)--saying hey to lee at work while i was in his neck of the woods... then coming home to do laundry, vacuum, and cook dinner! :)

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Poirier Family said...

I too love the lined baskets. Its a nice clean look!!! The pink and green are so in for babies rooms. I wish they had them when Josh was a baby.