Thursday, January 14, 2010

my day. the ups. the downs.

i always blog for my own journaling purposes... and most of the time, i blog for my readers... today is mostly for me & my own "digital scrapbooking"... but you're always welcome to read it... but this is one of those posts with some information you may or may not care about. so, you've been warned!

after all the excitement of yesterday (lots of visitors, workers, deliveries)... i woke up this morning to a sick puppy... who just wanted to be with his mommy... poor little guy looked pi. ti. ful.... see?

but, it worked out for the best--because i think he needed a nice quiet back-to-normal day, and that's exactly what he* got. heck, i even let him stay in our bedroom (a special treat) and opened up the windows so he could look out! he was still a little clingy tonite, but back to his good ole self!

*he, not me.

then, i had my latest doctor's appointment for the baby... the glucose test!

got to drink a disgustingly sweet drink and sit there for an hour... then they drew my blood... i don't know the results, but i'm hoping i pass--because i REALLY don't wanna take it again...

i've gained a whopping 10 pounds since my last visit... oh. my. goodness. the doctor didn't even flinch... since i was a little behind to begin with (lost weight when i was sick)... and as of my 22 week appointment, i had gained less than a pound... so, i've made up for lost time. ugh.

the doctor thought it was cute that she could hardly hear the heartbeat because miss priss was kicking and moving like cuh-ray-zee... she eventually settled down for a minute so the doc could hear a strong 150 bpm... i'm tellin' ya... this girl is CONSISTENT!!

oh, and i had her check to see what position she was in (only because she's been breach and i was curious to see where she was now)... and she's HEAD DOWN! yay!! and the doctor said that it would be pretty rare for her to flip back to breach this far along... thank you, Lord!

so after i felt like i'd spent all day just sitting around in the doctors office, reading babywise (still!)... they took a couple of vials of blood and i was on my way...

stopped by target to check on something for granny pat... and stumbled across a ridiculously cute, fuzzy, fun rug for e's room... on cleeeeeearance! boo yah!

once i left there, i was headed back to work, stopped for lunch... took a bite of a SOFT TACO and chipped my tooth*... and when did i realize this occurred? when i SWALLOWED IT. at 1:24pm

*this tooth was already chipped... it was a bonded piece attached to the tooth that "fell off" when i bit my soft taco.

called the dentist... who was leaving at 1:30 (remember this happened at 1:24)... she GRACIOUSLY offered to wait for me to come to her office... they were waiting for me in the waiting room (betcha didn't know a waiting room could do THAT!)... threw my purse in the chair and they hovered around like a nascar pit crew... and fixed it good as new. i gave her a BIIIIIIG hug around the neck and was on my way back to the store...

i consider it nothing short of a miracle that i was 6 minutes away from a MONDAY appointment... PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

...i'd like to pause in my "playback" of today to remind you that i'm in my 3rd trimester, and this sort of stress is TIRESOME... and likely NOT good for me... or the baby.... mmmmmk, resuming...

upon returning to the store... at about 3:00... i was able to do my work that normally needs to be done by 2:00 and get it out in time... and catch up on everything else i missed...

lee decided to skip a meeting he was supposed to go to because he loves me just. that. much. :)... AAAAAND he brought me a brand new pair of shoes! gah! he is THE BEST! (don't worry, we're still stickin' to those new years goals--he didn't pay a dime for those bad boys! woo hoo!)
my heels have been bothering me for a bit... lee says worn out shoes... i said pregnancy... i think we're both right... either way, problem solved!
i fixed a lasagna i had pre-prepared (thank you, Lord!) and we have just enjoyed RELAXING at home...

what. a. day.

bad? no... eventful? YES.

...however, it'd probably go down in the history books as a "bad day" had i not found that cute rug on clearance... and my sweet husband got me a sweet new pair of shoes for my aching heels. oh, and found out that eden is "head down"

so, i will bask in the glow of the sliver lining of the cloud that hung over my head today.

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