Sunday, January 17, 2010

eight years

eight years ago today, january 17, 2002, i was at a youth church retreat... called DiscipleNow...

...i'd been going every year for several years, but didn't want to go this particular year... but my aunt lisa was in charge of the registration and said "you don't have a choice, i've already paid your money and all of your friends are already going to be there"... [sigh...] ok, she twisted my arm... i'll go.

i was hanging out with my girlfriends, standing in the lobby of the church. i was wearing jeans with a frayed waistband and an ncsu/ecu white t-shirt... and probably had my hair pulled back in a pony tail... just doing my normal thing. we were all waiting around for dinner to be served and the weekend to begin... oh, and we were waiting to hear the news of our good friend, heather, her mom had just had a baby!

and one of my good guy friends, robby, showed up with a friend... robby introduced me to him, and i made the assumption, since his "friend" was a bit older that he was dating (or wanted to be dating) robby's sister, lauren. after all, once we got into the fellowship hall, he sat down and had dinner at her table.

after dinner, we all gathered in the sanctuary for the first session of the weekend... games, calling people up on stage, silly jokes, music, and an introduction to what would be discussed for the weekend... now, i don't remember all the details of this weekend... i just remember staring at robby's friend wondering what was so different about him... i mean, during the music, this guy was dancing... dancing?! where'd robby find this guy?

later on, his friend was chatting with lauren, i was chatting with my girlfriends (about robby's friend, i'm sure), we're all hanging out in the lobby--getting ready to go to the hosts' houses for the weekend... and robby walked by... i grabbed him and said "robby--who is your friend?! i need to know more about him"...and i had the biggest, cheesiest grin on my face... as a matter of fact, i'm grinning the same way typing about it as i was the night i asked him... of course as any guy would respond "ohhhhh! you like him, huh?!"

well, i didn't know about all that but i did know that i felt differently about him than any other guy i'd ever met (at the ripe old age of 16...) and there was simply something different about him... he smiled a lot, he seemed to have his own sense of style (little did i know!!), and he was tall, and tan (in january), and handsome. he was wearing khaki shorts, some sort of semi-wrinkled shirt and a sierra designs jacket... if you click on the link, and notice their logo... i thought it was an arby's jacket... i wondered did his dad own a franchise or something?? silly, i know... but i thought that was the logo on the jacket :) haha

anyway-- i. was. smitten. and i needed more information on this guy. pronto... how did robby know him? why'd he bring him this weekend? does he have the hots for lauren? another girlfriend? where's he live? ...i needed THE SCOOP!! :)

all i REALLY remember about that conversation is that his name was lee. and i liked him. a lot.

and apparently he was slightly interested in me... but had expressed some of the same concerns... he thought i was dating someone else that was there... and you know, he really wasn't interested in a girl friend or any more "ties" here, because he'd just sent his deposit to go to liberty university. he was "headed to the mountains" and didn't need a reason to come back home.

well, the weekend came and went... and we eventually went back to our seperate lives... but not with out either of us trying to stay in touch through robby...

one week in late may robby said "lee's playing his guitar at a coffee shoppe in spring should come!"

...only problem was i didn't have my "after 9" license (i couldn't drive after 9pm since i'd just gotten my driver's license)... so, i had to convince my friend heather (the one who's mom had the baby... and who was dating robby) to go with me... so she could drive... even though it took some convincing on her parent's end... she had the SAT's first thing the next morning.

after much convincing and begging... we went... and as soon as we walked in, lee turned bright red (he was already a little nervous)... we exchanged hellos and he asked me to sit right in front of the "stage"... he played his guitar at the little coffee/ice cream shoppe and we talked for a few minutes and he told me he wanted to "hang out with me sometime" to which i responded "sure! anytime!"

some "guy" named scott* was standing right behind him said "good one, lee...nice line!"

not long after that, (june 1st) we went to a dance recital (i asked lee to take me--since several of my friends were in it) and we consider that our "first date" was the first of many that summer...

then lee went off to liberty for ONE semester (he didn't want to go at all, but remember, he'd just sent his deposit a few days before we met)... he came home every weekend except for one... the one weekend where me, his mom, and sister went to visit HIM! :)

when he came home at christmas, he came home for good. transferred to a school close to home and we've been inseperable ever since :)

*by the way, scott was his pastor... who later married us :)

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