Sunday, January 17, 2010

a product endorsement or two

calling all pet owners!!

if you own a pet, you simply must have these two products in your home...

the woolite rug stick has been in our house since... hmm... we bought our house. our old house had no carpet... but when your husband and kids dog tracks in sweet little footprints pawprints, or has a little accident (knock wood, that hasn't happened in a LONG time), this stuff does the trick better than any other product on the market... trust me. i've tried them ALL.
oh, and it also works great when some of your "high traffic areas" begin to look a little dingy... you can hold of mr. stanley steamer for a little while longer :) most carpet spot-cleaning stuff seems to leave a soapy residue. but, this stuff doesn't... and its SOOOO easy to use--you don't have to worry about using a damp rag or towel or anything... just use one side of the rug stick to foam out the cleaner, then flip it over to use the brush... and i usually vacuum after i'm done cleaning and it dries a bit... ta-da! looks like new!

and THIS guy is new on the list... the pledge fabric sweeper. mom had one a few months ago... she found it for getting kitty hair off the furniture... and i found a 3 pack today at costco for $5 or $6 bucks... so, i thought i'd try it myself... and WOW! i wonder now why i didn't go get one as soon as mom showed it to me months ago... hmph.
its basically two lint rollers that work together to collect pet hair in that little plastic "bubble" you see in the picture... i suppose if i had to say something bad about it, its disposable... but only after you've filled up the "bubble"...and it seems to me that would take quite a while to do.

well, that's my 2 cents... hmph... whatever that's worth. i know how it is, when a new cleaning product comes out and you stand there staring at it on the shelf thinking "am i going to waste MORE money on something ELSE that DOESN'T work?!"... well, i wanted to share with the wide audience of like, 5 of you (ok, it might be a few more...some of you have emailed me that you read this! ahh! how exciting!) that read my blog a few things that i can't live without... i guess i'm on a high after a great trip to costco!! man, i LOVE that place!!

...i'd stopped going for a while after i got preggers because i wasn't cooking anymore and could hardly stomach the regular grocery store. but i went today, and fell in love all over again!! got lots of goodies for lee to take to work for lunch and some new things to try... eek! how exciting!


The Comptons said...

Are we going to be getting a 28 week photo on here tomorrow??? I'll be checking! :) YAY FOR SNOW (hopefully)

Megan said...

I went out and bought a carpet stick after you told me about it awhile back and I LOVE IT!!! Haley drags in red clay onto my light colored carpet and it really does the job! Super easy too! :)