Tuesday, December 22, 2009

turkey & tickets

tonite we had christmas with the step-brothers, ladies, & the kiddos!

jason made a yummy fried turkey... and of course we had ALLLLLLL the fixin's!! :)

then of course, it was PRESENT TIME!! each of the kids are at SUCH a FUN age for presents and being SO THRILLED with WHATEVER was all wrapped up with their name on it!

the kids ripped through most everything... then the "big kids" got to open their presents...

mom made these fun 2-sided blankets... the boys' had bama on both sides... but a house divided needs a blanket divided...

i LOVE IT! ...this is the front & the back of the same blanket (i sorta folded it over)

...here's a close-up!
and we got our SECOND BLUE BLANKET!! ...this may not sound very exciting to you, but the blue blanket is the most prized of all the blankets in our "combined" household... and i use those quotation marks very loosely... you see, the blue blanket is part of my stuff... that now belongs to us hannah... yeah, still hannah. i'm still working on that whole "sharing thing"
this is the NEW blue blanket... mine has been loved on for a lot longer (7th grade, mom? if so, that's over 10 years, now!) and doesn't have the fluff of new fleece any more, but its snuggly as ever!... its not just your average "throw"... this is a QUEEN SIZE BLANKET... making it the ideal size for a human burrito...

snuggie is to glove, as "blue blanket" is to mitten... it keeps all the extremeties TOGETHER! :) get it?

oh, and then we all got little envelopes... with some green stuff... AND...

a scratch-off, a carolina pick 3 ticket... and a POWERBALL ticket!!

wow... i definitely didn't put "106 million dollars" on my christmas list... but that would definitely NOT need a gift receipt! :-D

so far, no such luck on the pick 3... but lee won $5 on his scratch-off! :)... but we're keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow night :-D

everyone had lots of fun tonite... and i left with another full belly! :) now, its off to bed for another exciting day at work tomorrow for the two of us... and i need to be ready to do my victory dance tomorrow night ...cough cough!

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RollTideGirl said...

I cannot wait to go see Vince Gill. I'm blown away. Just got caught up on all your updates -- always entertaining & interesting reading. <3 U!