Friday, December 25, 2009

all i want for christmas is...


lee and i have tried extra hard this year to make christmas as relaxing as possible...

so, last night instead of date night out... we had date night in... since i got off just after 12ish (and took a most fantastic nap!), i went to pick up food from where we would have most likely eaten out... kanki!

then i swung by lisa, steve, rebekah, emily & caleb's "movie gallery" (no late fee's! haha!) to pick up a few movies for us to watch yesterday and today...

and even though date night was pretty uneventful, it was just what we both needed!

after dinner, lee zonked out on the sofa... and yes, i mean ZONKED OUT! ...i had to turn the volume up on the tv so i could hear over his snoring!

i decided to make another batch or two of cookies... and wrap a few presents... and enjoy being HOME... TOGETHER! ...with no where to go!

oh, and i got a call from santa clause! he called me by name! he told me i'd been good this year & i needed to go to bed early (he knows me well!)... come to find out, his elf JASMINE had him call me! too funny!! ...i must say lee was a bit jealous saying "i wonder why santa called YOU and not me?!" haha... i told him it was because he wasn't good... ;)

...and THAT was our christmas eve!

so, we slept late this morning, and while lee slept later (yeah, i told you he was tired!), i headed over to lisa & steve's for christmas morning breakfast! hung out with them for a bit... then came home!

its a cold, rainy christmas morning here... so, were enjoying movies and "doing nothing-ness" while wrapped up in our blue blankets... watching forrest gump! and relaxing until dinner tonite with my dad's side of the family :)

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