Monday, December 21, 2009

meet buster!

no, we didn't get another dog... but nershi did spend quite a bit of time introducing himself to buster...

granny gave us this ADORABLE snowman tonite for christmas! ....and lee named him buster. i just love getting christmas decorations for christmas... we enjoy them for a short time that year, and then enjoy them all over again next year!
...please just ignore my shamlessly un-decorated tree in the background... yeah, the one with the big box of ornaments beside it...ummm... and the pile of unwrapped gifts underneath :-\ is the thought that counts, right?
nershi welcoming our new friend, buster! :)

or maybe he's just smelling miss mae-mae!?

either way, we had a great time tonite and a FANTASTIC menu... eden had a plate and so did i! :) know how that works.

mom and david got lee and i the neatest soaps and lotions from a shop in wilmington called "out of eden"... how cool!! not to mention how wonderful they smell! ...heck, nershi even got some "puppy cologne"! watch out, ladies!

eden even racked up a few nc state onesies!! yay!!! :)

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Poirier Family said...

I want a buster!!!! That one is so cute. I love snowman!!!! As soon as the first snow falls they come out, and if it hasn't snowed 3 weeks before Xmas they come out. I have them all over the house. But once I've had it with snow I put them away.