Friday, September 23, 2011

the ups and downs of my day

buckle up, y'all... today COULD have been an emotional rollercoaster
you know, if i was an emotional person.

e woke up at 8am (+)
insisted on taking her snack cup into school (-)
looked SO cute in her new new balance 993s (just like mama!) (+)
 got to work and granny got me the cutest "morphing pumpkin" (+)
and as we checked it out and played with it, we discovered it didn't have all the parts (-)

i left work to get my hair cut (+)
wasn't crazy about the way it turned out (-)
(its just a smidge too short--but i'll have a final opinion tomorrow morning after i fix it for myself.... you ladies know how that goes!)
as i was getting my haircut, kim (my stylist) and i were chatting about how great craigslist is, but how i'd had a hard time finding some stuff i wanted for eden, but i'd rather not buy brand spankin' new... and how i really wanted to get her a play kitchen but couldn't find one that was even worth having (they all looked like they'd been left out in the sun for 20 years)
...remember this 2 paragraphs from now...

had a chance to sell some tickets that were given to me for $100 (+)
which i was stoked about!!

then checked my facebook to see that a friend had THIS for sale (+)
got it a while back and her little girl never played with it
(gasp!! too good to be true!?)
but i scooped it up for little e for only $80!!!!
(i knew that ticket money would come in handy!)

assembled and it looks brand spankin' new!!! 
thanks, lorrie!! :-D

...but pretend you didn't see that--it might show up christmas mornin' or something...

who's got two thumbs and is a happy mama?
this girl!

up and down up and down... but we definitely ended up on a high note!

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Lorrie said...

I hope Eden enjoys it way more than Carson did. You saw how sad she was for it to leave!!